Namibia Highlights (self-drive)


Central Namibia, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etosha West, Etosha South, Okonjima Nature Reserve and Windhoek – 13 nights

Tour destinations

Encompassing the bustling capital city of Windhoek, and the laidback seaside towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Central Namibia features an array of towns, deserts and wildlife reserves. The landscape of this region is characterised by a plateau scattered with clusters of acacia and grasslands sandwiched between the arid Namib Desert to the west and the lush Kalahari to the east. Visitors can soak in the steaming waters of the Cross Barmen Hot Springs, viewing a wide variety of wildlife at the spectacularly scenic reserves and explore the discover the untouched beauty of the beautiful Erongo Mountains with the breathtakingly beautiful Spitzkoppe, which offers some of the best stargazing opportunities in Namibia.


Auas Safari Lodge

Located in the scenic Namib-Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei is where you will find the iconic red sand dunes of the Namib. The clear blue skies contrast with the giant red dunes to make this one of the most scenic natural wonders of Africa and a photographer’s heaven. This awe-inspiring destination is possibly Namibia’s premier attraction, with its unique dunes rising to almost 400 metres-some of the highest in the world. These iconic dunes come alive in morning and evening light and draw photography enthusiasts from around the globe. Sossusvlei is home to a variety desert wildlife including oryx, springbok, ostrich and a variety of reptiles. Visitors can climb ‘Big Daddy’, one of Sossusvlei’s tallest dunes; explore Deadvlei, a white, salt, claypan dotted with ancient trees; or for the more extravagant, scenic flights and hot air ballooning are on offer, followed by a once-in-a-lifetime champagne breakfast amidst these majestic dunes.


Desert Homestead Lodge

Set along Namibia’s spectacularly scenic coast, the seaside town of Swakopmund is known for its wide-open avenues, colonial architecture, and its surrounding otherworldly desert terrain. Founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South West Africa, Swakopmund is often described as being more German than Germany. Now a seaside resort town, Swakopmund is the capital of the Skeleton Coast tourism area and has plenty to keep visitors happy. The quirky mix of German and Namibian influences, adventure options, laid-back atmosphere and cool sea breeze make it a very popular Namibian destination. Visitors can look forward to a number of exciting activities including: quad biking, horse riding, paragliding, fishing, sightseeing and fascinating desert tours.


Swakopmund Guesthouse

This vast desert landscape is known as one of the most beautiful regions in Namibia. Huge, untamed and ruggedly beautiful, Damaraland is an exceptionally scenic landscape featuring open plains, ancient valleys and spectacular rock formations. The major attractions are the sacred Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, Vingerklip and the otherworldly Petrified Forest. Visitors can take in the dramatic vistas, catch a glimpse of the rare desert-adapted elephant, and enjoy spectacular stargazing in crystal-clear night skies from one of the many safari camps dotting Damaraland. Other popular activities include: guided drives, nature walks and visiting the local communities. Don’t miss the opportunity to view the Damaraland’s world-famous ancient rock art.


Grootberg Lodge

Situated in the western part of Etosha National park, Etosha West is a new addition to this world-famous wildlife sanctuary. Formerly a restricted area the wilder western region accessed through Galton Gate, has previously had limited access, today it is open to all visitors who wish to discover the secluded reaches of this spectacular park. Visitors to Etosha West can look forward to exploring the magnificent scenery of this remote north Namibian landscape characterised by lush undulating terrain and a reddish brown soil, which is a stark contrast to the white dusty clay soil of Etosha East’s flat expansive plains. The area boasts numerous waterholes attracting elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and a variety of buck. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the rare Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra and black-faced impala.


Hobatere Lodge

Located just south of the boundary of Etosha National Park in northwestern Namibia, Etosha South makes up the southern region of this wild paradise. Ongava Private Game Reserve shares the southern boundary with Etosha National Park and offers an array of luxury lodges overlooking picturesque landscapes dotted with abundant wildlife. The national park can be accessed via the southern entrance at Andersson’s Gate. Visitors can catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife including: lion, giraffe, elephant, white and black rhino, and a multitude of plains game. Popular activities include: game drives, tracking rhinos on foot, guided nature walks, or watch the sunset over this magnificent landscape.


Taleni Etosha Village

Midway between the spectacular Etosha National Park and the capital city of Windhoek, lies the well-known Okonjima Nature Reserve. The 22 000 ha nature reserve is home to AfriCAT, a carnivore sanctuary, which gives the captive cats a second chance to be released back into the wild and become completely independent hunters in a protected area right in the middle of commercial cattle farmland. Visitors can enjoy a stay at a variety of excellent accommodation options including everything from luxury villas to secluded camping. Enjoy thrilling cat tracking guided safaris, leopard-spotting, off-road night drives and learn about local San culture along the Bushmen trail.


Arusha Serena Hotel Resort & Spa

Situated in Central Namibia, the cosmopolitan city of Windhoek serves as the capital of the country. It is home to an international airport and a plethora of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and accommodation options. The city is clean, safe and well-organised, with a colonial legacy that is reflected in its many German eateries and shops, and the widespread use of the German language. Windhoek has an interesting mix of historical architecture and modern buildings, many of which are worth a look, including the Alte Feste an old fort, the 1896 Christuskirche Christ Church, and the more contemporary Supreme Court.


Olive Grove Guesthouse


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  • Auas Safari Lodge (1 night)
  • Desert Homestead Lodge (2 night)
  • Swakopmund Guesthouse (2 night)
  • Grootberg Lodge (2 night)
  • Hobatere Lodge (2 night)
  • Taleni Etosha Village (2 night)
  • Okonjima Plains Camp (1 night)
  • Olive Grove Guesthouse (1 night)


Today you arrive at the International Airport in Windhoek. Here you will be picked up and taken to the car rental place. Journeys Namibia will also meet you here and do the Meet & Greet with you.

Your first night you will spend at Auas Safari Lodge. Take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the peaceful tranquility. 

Travel time: approx. 1 hour / 48km

After check-out you will be heading south, spending two nights in the Namib Desert, with connections to Sossusvlei and Sesriem. Take a bird’s-eye view of the dune-ocean, while the wind gently carries your hot air balloon through the air.

Travel time: approx. 4.5 hours / 350km

Your travels take you to the coast today, over Solitaire, where you will be able to fill-up the car and enjoy the famous ‘Apfelstrudel’.

Enjoy the varied offers of the coast, during your stay in Swakopmund. Here you can expect good food, adventure and cool seafood.

Travel time: approx. 5 hours / 395km

With an early start you are heading over dry terrain to your next destination, the Grootberg Lodge.

An unforgettable adventure: our experienced trackers guide you on the journey of the elephants. With the local community running Grootberg Lodge, guests are part of the family, and it will be difficult for you to leave.

Travel time: approx. 6.5 hours / 460km

After your check-out you will be driving to Hobatere Lodge, another tranquil and exciting location.

Nowhere else can you experience the wilderness as close to the landscape and impressive as at the Hobatere Lodge. Lions and other wild animals frolic here in the wild. Enjoy a cold beer in the dusk, meeting the animals face-to-face right below the docks at the waterhole.

Travel time: approx. 3 hours / 185km

Today you will be heading to the Taleni Etosha Village. A camp just outside the National Park.

The Etosha National Park is still one of the most visited places in Namibia and hardly needs any introduction. The salt pans are home to a huge variety of wild and bird species. Make sure there is enough space on the memory card of your camera!

Travel time: approx. 4 hours / 305km

Your travels take you south today, heading closer to the capital. Your next night will be spent on Okonjima Lodge. 

Convince yourself of the success of the AfriCat Foundation cheetah project during your stay at Okonjima Lodge.

Travel time: approx. 3 hours / 300km

Today you travel back to Windhoek.

Do some last minute shopping or just enjoy the day by the pool. Your last night will be spent at a guesthouse in Windhoek.

Travel time: approx. 3 hours / 240km

You’ll be transferred to the airport today and head back home.


  • Accommodation & Meals as indicated
  • Car Rental – Toyota Hilux 4×4 (or similar)

Not included

  • International Flights
  • Activities
  • Park-fees
  • Fuel: Petrol/Diesel
  • Personal Insurance

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